Education & Art: New Integrations Between Education and the Curatorial and Artistic Fields with Juan Canela

Education & Art: New Integrations Between Education and the Curatorial and Artistic Fields with Juan Canela

*Live video-conferences every Tuesday at 7pm Central European Time. Recordings will be available in case you miss a live session!

Nov 17 – Dec 8, 2015
Estimated effort:
3 hours weekly
Application deadline:
Saturday, November 14, 2015
Participation fee:
148 EUR (inc. tax)
Max. Seats:

This course explores art education today, and how curating and artistic practice relate to pedagogy. It gathers different proposals related to art education, from art schools and art courses, to artistic and curatorial projects that focus on the topic of education, or that work directly within this field. The aim of this course is to imagine new intersections between education and curatorial and artistic fields.

We will reflect on questions such as: what does it mean to teach art? How could we combine the strenghts of both education and art? What are we curating, who are we educating and why?

To achieve this, we will analyze the system of art education as a whole by looking at different scenarios from the school to the museum, case studies of artistic and curatorial projects that integrate education, as well as the different roles and relations between the curator, mediator, educator and artist. Finally we’ll learn how to articulate a curatorial project with a specific focus on pedagogy.
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*Image credits: Priscila Fernandes, The Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School, 2013. Photo: Pere Pratdesaba

Week 1 / Context and introduction
Course overview
Introduction to the different relations between art & education
Different scenarios: the school and the museum

Week 2 / Art pedagogy
What does it mean to teach art?
Some thoughts on art education
Different examples of art schools
Different artistic and curatorial projects working from educational contexts

Week 3 / Artistic and curatorial projects addressing pedagogical topics
The pedagogical turn in curating
The museum as a pedagogical dispositive
Different roles and their relations: curator, mediator, educator, artist
Some examples of artistic and curatorial projects

Week 4/ Getting practical: conceptualizing projects and establishing relationships
How to conceptualise a curatorial project about education
How to work with artists, curators, institutions, educators and teachers trying to re-define the power relations among them
Case study: Lesson 0: an on-going attempt to develop a curatorial project    about art education focusing on alternative educational methods.

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