Diagonal Project – exhibition 2016 June 30 – July 13

Diagonal Project – exhibition 2016 June 30 – July 13

Diagonal from Vancsa Domokos on Vimeo.

BastionGallery Athlone, Ireland


The Diagonal project started as a personal project and was extended to anyone who wanted to participate. These install-actions explores the body in transition between two stable position -standing and lying down- in a specific context.

The leaning body is the crisis of the ambulatory human being trapped more and more by the dominating and stabilizing horizontal / vertical structures and ideas which he created.

Diagonals by: Ignacio Pérez Pérez – Venezuela // Adriana Rondón-Rivero – Venezuela // Andrée Weschler – Singapore // Anahi Aliaga – Chile // Herlina Halim – Singapore // Fabio Haver – Romania // Hyn Halim – Bali, Indonesia // Domokos Vancsa – Ireland, Romania

Curated by Domokos Váncsa

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