Spencer Tunick New Work in Hull

Spencer Tunick New Work in Hull


Posing in locations that reflected Hull’s maritime history, there some 3,200 of its citizens, who wore nothing but a layer of blue paint. Entitled Sea of Hull, the event welcomed voluntary participants in all sizes and shapes, many of which had trouble walking and were in wheelchairs and with crutches, turning this English city into one with the best turnouts for the photoshoot. As they filled the city streets, which were closed between midnight and 10am, they were ordered into position by megaphone by Spencer Tunick’s assistants for three hours starting at 3am. The artist, who is already famous for other similar projects taking place in countries all over the world, uses the aspects of the human body and juxtaposes them with public space. In Hull, he tried to draw attention to the rising sea levels caused by the climate change – the bodies and humanity are flooding the streets.

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