1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 158. | ground floor 15 January – 14 February 2016
“Drapery, as a subject matter, is a recurring motif in my work, but I always present it in a pressed, wrinkled, or dried state, whatever the media. Lately, I have stumbled upon mesh, and I made the various works for the exhibition Dryer out of this material, which is not typically used for sculpture.”
Attila Pokorny

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MAGMA – contemporary medium http://magma.maybe.ro/ Opening: 08.10.2015, 18h Opening speech by: Tordai-S. Attila, curator and founder of tranzit.ro On view 09. – 30.10.2015, every day, except for Mondays and holidays,

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fanzine, 2019 mixed media workz by junior artschool students about radioman, a creature with super power_sepsiszentgyörgy / sfântu gheorghe atelier///attitude exhibition, lábas house, until 30th of june

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Vetro Artur szobrászművész kiállítása / 2021. 07. 03. – 08. 06.

Az Erdélyi Művészeti Központ tisztelettel meghívja Önöket 2021. július 2-án, pénteken 18 órára Vetro Artur (1919 – 1992) szobrászművész kiállításának megnyitójára az Erdélyi Művészeti Központba (Olt utca 2. szám, földszinti kiállítótér) A