FACE-HIDERS – LATARKA Galéria / Budapest

FACE-HIDERS – LATARKA Galéria / Budapest

Thursday 16 February, 7:00 pm — Thursday 16 March 2017
1061 Budapest, Andrássy út. 32


Basically, the theme is tuned of the carnival season, but we also research the new ways of portrait depiction. We show the contemporary streams by a variety of genres works of art. There are video installations, graphics, photography, painting, sculpture, object work show that how deeply rooted in people the desire to change identity, how people try different personalities, how they try to hide to become more successful in private live, in career, or even only to change everyday monotony for a while.

Winter solemnities are simultaneously exist the dying and resurrecting nature, the chaos and order , struggles, growing love, fertility and marriage motif, and the fortune and misfortune, the unpredictable fate, against we rebel in vain.

Artists on show:
Jagicza Patrícia / Kupcsik Adrián / Gaál József / Tettamanti Ádám / Silvia Manazza / Tomasz Piars / Chilf Mária / Magyarics Tibor / Michal Janowski  / Perlaki Gergely / Erdei Krisztina

Location: LATARKA Galéria / Budapest, Andrássy út 32.
Vernissage: 16th February  2017.  / 19:00 h.
Open until  16th March  2016.
Opening speech: Sipos Tünde / art historian
Curator: István Bársony / architect

Walking down the street, sitting in a library or travelling by public transport we meet a lot of different people each day. One distinctive feature, unique for each of us that draw our attention when looking at someone is the face. The latter creates the individual character of a human being; through it we can discover someone’s emotions, their thoughts and states of mind. What would happen if this face was hidden for the purpose of discovering another dimention of the individual? It is hardly a surprise that the Gallery LATARKA of the Polish Institute in Budapest invites the public for the exhibition FACE-HIDERS during the Carnival.

The exhibition presents the works of eleven artists, most of them are coming from Hungary, but other nationalities, two Polish, one Romanian and one Italian, are also present. These artists also differ  from each other by their age and their experience, some of them are experienced artists with several exhibitions behind them others are young promesing artists new to the environment. Exhibiting artists diversified by their age is one of the features of the Gallery LATARKA. The shown artworks also vary regarding their technique. Visiting the exhibition the spectator will be presented with paintings, photography, graphics, video installations and sculpture.

It is not a coincidence that the exhibition’s opening, that is the 16th of February, is during the Carnival. This celebration, mainly associated with balls and other kinds of festivities, can also be understood as a moment of „transition”. It is a period when  norms can change and the social roles can be reversed. In its Christian understanding it is a period when different kinds of pleasures are allowed, contrary to the period follwing it; the Lent. Thus, Carnival becomes a unique experience for people, during which they can discover an inner, unknown part of them. Folly and extravagance are welcome.

The desire to change and transgres the limits associated with the Carnival, can also be found in everyday life. Transitional moments and their shifting effects are linked to our existence. The exhibiting artists use a traditional genre within the history of art, which is the portrait, while at the same time depicting people in an unconventional way. Transgressing the limits of the traditional portrait, they show us a world of impersonal, faceless masks and partly covered faces. Thus the visitor is confronted with another way of representing people; where their unique and distinctive feature is blurred.
author Anna Michalak

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