Alexandra Pirici – Signals, 2016

Alexandra Pirici – Signals, 2016

Ongoing action, content ranking algorithm

Ongoing action, content ranking algorithm
Performers: Sandhya Daemgen, Madalina Dan, Martin Hansen, Alice Heyward, Jasmine Ihraç, Anna Jarrige, Leah Katz, Jared Marks, Negroma, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Emily Ranford
Light Design: Andrei Dinu
Ranking algorithm Consultancy and Integration: Jonas Lund
Courtesy Alexandra Pirici

The ongoing performative action is a live feed, determined by user preferences and a content ranking algorithm, enacted by performers in motion capture suits, while no actual motion capture is taking place, no reconstruction of their abstracted body signals apart from the one in the audience’s imagination. Working with online ranking logic and physical distance, the action transforms meaning and information back and forth, from calculable input and abstract frames to sensuous, embodied presence.
Browse through and select content for a “Top 30 Most Relevant Stories” that will be enacted everyday during the live ongoing action.

Performance Schedule 4.6.–18.9.2016
Monday–Friday: 4–6 pm
Saturday–Sunday: 2–4 pm
Special thanks to National Dance Center and Meredith Meredith

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