RONI HORN  – OCTOBER 2, 2016 – JANUARY, 1 2017

RONI HORN – OCTOBER 2, 2016 – JANUARY, 1 2017


SWITZERLAND, Fondation Beyeler

Works and groups of works from the past twenty years have been selected for the present exhibition devoted to the American artist Roni Horn (*1955 in New York). These are photographic series, works on paper, and sculptures of cast glass which form a coherent installation in the rooms at the Fondation Beyeler. The exhibition was conceived expressly for the museum spaces in close collaboration with the artist. Several new works are on view here for the first time.

Roni Horn’s art focuses on the ideas of identity and mutability. As the works indicate, what we see is not necessarily what we believe we see. Horn succeeds in subtly probing accepted attributions and lending visual presence to change and multifarity. So it is no coincidence that she employs materials such as glass and motifs such as water and the weather, which are by nature subject to continual change. Horn’s art makes ideas of this kind visually comprehensible.

At age twenty, Roni Horn traveled for the first time to Iceland, an island that would take on a special meaning for her art. Since 1979 she has returned there again and again. The uniquely rugged landscape, incredibly unstable weather conditions, and the isolation of the place have been key sources of inspiration. As Horn explains, Iceland is “Big enough to get lost on. Small enough to find myself.”

Exhibition curator is Theodora Vischer.

The exhibition “Roni Horn” enjoys the generous support of:
Hansjörg Wyss, Wyss Foundation

Helen and Chuck Schwab

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