Workshop with Barnabas and Kriszta

ARES 2007, Omagh, N. Ireland

-appr. 10 participants

-5 min of physical training focused especially on the flexibility of the neck and exercising some nice ankle tricks (no need for materials)
-2 min with each participants eye, memory, observation training (needs: vase, framed picture of Sinead, A4 papers) we will show an object separately to each participant for a short time and after we will put away. they will have to write down everything that they observed.
-2 min with each participant fluid tasting skills (little plastic glasses, 2 bottle of fluids, we well decide there what, a hat or a sombrero, A4 papers) they will taste with eyes closed and without taking breath a cup of fluid and they have to recognize it.
-appr. 1 hour of exercising the connection body-object (we well decide there) every participant will have a few minutes to bring an object from inside to the playground. We will work separately with them. The idea is to loose the object functions, utilites and to give new roles to it. The participants will create still or moving images about their own body and the new object relations.

tech equipment: Polaroid photo camera (with the possibility to take 3-4 pictures of every participant, totally 40 pictures), video camera and projector (or TV)


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