Graphics Interchange Format / Animated GIFs group exhibition – MAGMA – Saint George

Graphics Interchange Format / Animated GIFs group exhibition – MAGMA – Saint George

ARTISTS: Adi GANEA, BARTHA József, Claire FOUQUET, Claudiu COBILANSCHI, CSIKI Csaba, FERENCZ S. Apor, Flaviu CACOVEANU, Ionuţ VANCEA, Iulia TOMA, IZSÁK Előd, Makunouchi Bento, MARTINI Yvette, MIKLÓS Szilárd, MIKLÓSI Dénes, MONOTREMU duo, Nita MOCANU, Rafael DUBREU, Răzvan ANTON, Ştefan TIRON, SZABÓ András, Tristan Daniel NICOLAS, VÁNCSA Domokos, VERES Szabolcs, VETRÓ BODONI Barnabás, Vladimir US, WANEK Ferenc

The exhibition concept is the ubiquity of .gifs across social media and their overwhelming presence online. This format requires a laconic attitude: the artist is limited by a medium hovering between moving and still images.

OPENING: 10.02.2017, 19h
On view: February 11 – April 09. 2017, every day, except for Mondays and Holidays, between 11-19.


don enrique de rosario, travolta a jégsárkánynál, 2017 from Barunabasu on Vimeo.

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